50+ Best Congratulations Messages, Quotes, Wishes, Images

Congratulations Messages and wishes for all occasions can be shared through congratulatory WhatsApp messages, congratulatory email messages, and to make your congratulatory speech more interesting.

Congratulations on the honour bestowed.

Congratulations on the honour bestowed on you.
You deserve much more than this.
I am waiting for such big news.

Congratulations messages for achievement in the exam

Congratulations on Passing with flying colors

Congratulations on passing the exams in flying colors.

You have made us proud.

We are happy to have such an extraordinary student pass out of our school.

We wish you a bright future ahead!

Many Many Congratulations

Many, Many Congratulations on your achievement in your exams. Keep it up.

Pass all exams in a single shot

I never imagined you would pass all your exams in a single shot. This is an outstanding achievement. Well Done.

Well done, keep it up

Well done

I know your capacity to excel in anything you do.

Keep it up!

PhD Congratulations Messages & Images

Congratulations on the great achievement you have made in your studies.

Your Ph.D. says please have distinction always!

PhD congratulations Messages , Images and wishes

Congratulations on scoring cent per cent

Congratulations on scoring cent percent in maths. Keep it up!

Congratulations Message for Selection in IAS

This is Huge News, Congratulations on your Selection in IAS.

All your hard work and prayers have been answered.

Wish you all the Best in your Journey in this Esteemed Service.

congratulations messages for selection in IAS

Congratulations! You have Successfully Made it into IAS Proud of You

Pls accept my hearty congratulations on your selection for IAS

Congratulations wishes for IAS

It is not a joke to get selected for IAS. You have achieved success with your hard work and sincere efforts for a long period. You truly deserve this Success. Hats off to you.

Getting selected for IAS is a great achievement in one’s life. You have DONE IT. Congrats

This is Great News I heard! You are an IAS officer now. Congratulations!

Wedding Congratulations Messages

Wish you Good fortunes in your married life

I heard that you are getting married.

I wish you all the good fortune in your married life.

Blessings of heaven are showered on you

Congrats on getting married.

May the choicest blessings of heaven be showered on you.

Fill your married life with bliss


May God shower his blessings on you,

And fill your married life with bliss.

Entering a new phase in your life

Congrats on getting married.

You are entering a new phase in your life.

You should be able to travel smoothly,

like a high-ended vehicle on a smooth highway.

Congratulations on entering into wedlock

Heartiest Congratulations for entering into wedlock which you have been awaiting all these days.

May God bless you with all the happiness and joy.

Congratulations messages for newborn baby

Congratulations on the new bundle of joy

Congratulations on the new bundle of joy that you have been blessed with!

When you have twins

Every new baby born in this world

says that God still loves mankind.

When you have twins,

they say God loves you doubly.


Congratulations, you have become an employer yourself by God’s grace

When you are an employee, you have to obey the orders of your employer.

Now, you have become an employer yourself by God’s Grace.

You now have the chance to not only give orders to your employees,

But also to take care of their livelihood, which all will not get.


Congratulations on getting the foreign assignment

Congratulations on getting the foreign assignment. Hope you will enjoy the tenure without becoming homesick!

You made it to the Olympics.

For all the hardships that you have endured to date. At last, you made it to the Olympics Congratulations!

Congratulations on standing first in your school

Congratulations on standing first in your school in the matriculation exam. Keep this trend continuity in the future!

Congratulations on being selected as Captain

Congratulations on being selected as Captain of your school cricket team.

Hope to see you as a player on the Indian Cricket Team!

You’re passing BE with distinction

I wonder about your capacity to excel in anything.

You’re passing the B.E. with distinction

is one among them

and not the only one.


Congrats on making it to the top

Congrats on making it to the top in college. You have made us proud!

Congratulation wishes on the promotion

Congratulations Messages on your promotion

Your hard work and determination to succeed against the odds didn’t go in vain. You got the promotion you deserved. Congratulations!

Congratulate on your sure promotion now

Congratulations on clearing your departmental exams in flying colors.

Let me hasten to congratulate you on your sure promotion now.

Congratulations on your New Job

Heartiest Congratulations for pocketing an exciting and valuable new job!

Congratulations on the promotion that you got

My heartiest Congratulations on the promotion that you got, which you deserve it cent per cent and more.

Promotion in a job gives you a boost

Promotion in a job gives a boost up in mind.

It gives you unquantifiable joy.


Congratulations on obtaining a seat in the prestigious college

Heartiest Congratulations on obtaining a seat in the prestigious college/ university. Wish you all the best!

Congratulations on your new venture

My heartiest Congratulations on your new venture, and wish you success and satisfaction.

Congratulations on your Retirement Messages

Wish you happy, joyful freedom on your retirement

Thank God you have retired honorably without any adverse remarks, Wish you a peaceful life hereafter.

Retirement from Service is not the end of life. It is a starting point for a New Life of freedom, Bosses.

Everybody has to retire one day, Your day is Today. The coming days are for others, So Don’t worry. Enjoy the Freedom. Cheers!!

You have retired today from Service, But don’t retire from life. Be engaged in whatever you are interested to do like painting, gardening, walking, spiritual life, etc.

Greetings and Best Wishes for a peaceful retired life filled with everlasting happiness, good health, and loaded with lots of love.

Congratulations on Your New Home

Please accept my hearty congratulations on your acquiring and shifting to your New Home. May the New Home bring all the peace and pleasure to you and your family members.

Your Hard efforts and pain have at last frutified into a brand New Home. May the New Home bring you all happiness and pleasure.

Congratulations on your New Home, What great News I just heard! You have made it to your own New Home with Honesty and Great Perseverance. Cheers!!!

Hard work will definitely give you success. Your New Home is the testimony for it. Congratulations!!