50 Friendship Quotes, Messages & Funny Memes

Friendship is a language spoken by heart. And friends are like flowers in the garden of life. You may have met someone just yesterday, but it seems like you have been together for a lifetime. And True friends are always together in spirit. Every moment spent becomes memorable. A good friend makes even the longest road seem shorter and fun. Great friends are hard to find these days. You are lucky if you have a group of friends to hang out with. Messaging your friends can show how much you care for your friends. We have compiled below friendship quotes, cute sayings, and messages that you can use to send messages to your friends, old and new. Life was meant for good friends and great adventures.

Good Friends

Good friends are hard to find

People say that a good friend is hard to find,

That is because the best (like you) are already mine.

Have a lovely day!

A good companion

A good companion is one who makes even the longest road seem shorter and fun.

True Friends

New friends are sweet in the beginning.

New friends are Like the NEW sandals,

sweet in the beginning,

Only time will tell,

who our TRUE friends are.

A true friend is not like RAIN.

A true friend is not like the rain that pours and goes away. A true friend is like the air, sometimes silent but always around you.

I love those injuries.

A line for my TRUE friends:

The day I met you was my favorite accident. And even today, I love those injuries.

I became an illiterate for my FRIEND.

Few NICE Lines for a friend:

I was Upset & wrote on the Door: Please Do not Enter.

My Friend Came with a smiling Face and Said: Sorry, I am illiterate.

That is being TRUE friends.

Distances never separate any relation

Distances never separate any relation; time never builds any Relation. If feelings are TRUE from the heart, then friends are friends forever.

A true friend can give your life back to you.

I believe in:

A true friend may not be able to give his life for you,

But he can give your life back to you,

when you think you have lost it.

A fever

Friendship is a fever that affects the deepest part of the heart.

And it is not curable by any medicine except the affection of a True Friend.


A true friend lights up an entire life.

A single candle can illuminate an entire room,

A true friend lights up their whole life.

Thank you for bringing this light of FRIENDSHIP into my life.

Trust in Their Eyes.

Everything in life cannot make you happy.

Everything in life cannot make you satisfied,

But there is one thing which makes you feel NICE,

That is the trust for you in their eyes.

Accept a friend with all the imperfections.

Nobody is perfect. But true FRIENDSHIP is when you accept a friend with all the imperfections the way they are!

Best words by a true friend

Best words by true Friend:

My care will be in the HEART and not in words.

My anger will be in words and not in the HEART.

A true friend is hard to find

A true friend is hard to find,

Is always on the mind,

Is one of a kind,

A TRUE find is someone like YOU!

It is Wonderful to have YOU in my world.

Who cares about you?

A true friend is the only person who cares about you when no one else does.

A true relationship

A form of TRUE relationship is;

When YOU just want the best to happen for that person.

No matter it includes YOU or not.


The BEAUTY of true relation

The willingness to listen,

The patience to understand,

The strength to support,

The heart to care and just to be there,

That is the real BEAUTY of true relation.

Messaging is a symbol of true care

Messaging is a symbol of True care for someone,

Because you cannot keep calling 24 hrs.

But your single message

Keeps your relationship in touch in every moment!!

Cute Sayings

Only cute ones receive my messages.

Only the open heart receives LOVE,

Only the open mind receives WISDOM,

Only the OPEN hand receives GIFTS,

But Only CUTE ONES receive MESSAGES from me!

Beautiful line with Huge meaning:

Happiness is never perfect until it is shared with someone else.


Sweet Friend

Days are too busy, Hours are too fast, Seconds are too few, But there is always time for me to remember a sweet friend like YOU.


Parent, Lover, Wife, Teachers, Brother, and Sister Are PART OF LIFE


Deep Love and Affection

A cute fight is also one of the forms of deep LOVE and AFFECTION.

So keep a little fight with your beloved.

Pay attention to Relationships.

A cute but meaningful quote:

You never pay attention to a part of the body till it pains.

Do not let it happen in Relationships.

Argument wins the PERSON.

New theory-Argument wins the PERSON but loses the relation.

So do not argue with your friends,

Just kick them and say,

I am always correct.

Something missing in you

Hey! Something missing in you,

But what and where?

Let us search in your bag,

NO in your pocket,

NO, oh GOD, I got it. It is on your face.


Now it is Fine.

Sweetest innocent wish

Sweetest innocent wish:

I wish every relationship comes into your life with the SAME Tag as on the JOHNSON baby soap, NO MORE TEARS.


Friendship means:

To love without limitation.

To give without expectation.

To help without hesitation.

Remember, without communication.


A wonderful friend

I live by trust and not by sight so whether I see you or not, Talk to you or not, I know that you are still the same. A Wonderful friend worth till the End.


Life has many Great Options.

Life has many great options.

You do not have to always pick what seems to be the Best.

Just pick the ONE that makes you HAPPY.

Happy Friendship Day!

Leave footprints on our hearts.

Some people come into our lives and quickly go.

Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts.

And we are never, ever the same.

Wish you all a happy friendship day.

Lucky to have you as my FRIEND.

A day is going to end again.

It is nice to have a friend like YOU.

Making my every day seem so great.

Lucky to have you as my FRIEND.

Happy Friendship Day!

Who is a Friend

A friend is ONE; who finds you in a rush of people, inspires you to greatness, Energizes you always & never leaves you till Death.


365 days I love your FRIENDSHIP.

365 DAYS I love your FRIENDSHIP.

8760 HOURS I miss you.

525600 MINS I Think of you.

31536000 SECONDS I like to enjoy your relationship.

Happy Friendship Day!

Strange but facts

Strange facts:

1.There is always a little truth behind every JUST KIDDING.

2. A little knowledge behind every I DO NOT KNOW.

3. A little emotion behind every I DO NOT CARE.

4. A little LOVE behind every I HATE YOU.

5. A little PAIN behind every IT IS OKAY.

Realize it! Value it!

Happy Friendship Day!

Relationship free from problems and misunderstanding

The Best Relationship is not the ONE; that is Free from Problems and Misunderstanding.

It is the One where A Sorry & A Smile Can Make Everything Perfect. Happy Friendship Day!

Trust a Person

Trust a person to that extent; that he feels guilty to cheat you.

Love a person to that extent; that he fears to lose you.

Happy Friendship Day!

I Feel I Am Being Avoided

When I feel I am being avoided by someone, I never disturb them again.

Because the one who thinks I am disturbing them will never know how much I care for them.

Happy Friendship Day!

When you matter to someone

When you matter to someone, that person will always make time for you.

No Excuses, No Lies, and No Broken Promises.

Happy Friendship Day!

A close friend can easily identify

A close friend can Easily identify some little lies in your smile and some more truth in your tears. Never miss them in your life.

Happy Friendship Day!

Mistakes are also Accepted.

Mistakes are also accepted when it is done by our dear HEARTS.

Happy Friendship Day!

Confusing role of old memories

MEMORIES play a very confusing ROLE

They make us laugh when we remember the time we Cried.

But make us Cry when we remember the time we laughed!

Happy Friendship Day!

Sometimes we fail to understand the Feelings.

Sometimes we fail to understand the feelings of very close people in our Life. Because a book held nearer to eyes is, difficult to read.

Happy Friendship Day!


Thrill fun and spice in life

You want a thrill in life.

You want fun in life.

You want spice in life.

JUST DO ONE THING, Remember me!

Happy Friendship Day!


Value every moment before it becomes a memory

Live every moment.

Value every moment.

Because you never know

when a moment will turn into a memory.

Happy Friendship Day!

Who wants to be part of your life?

Anyone who wants to be a part of your life; Will make an effort to stay in your life.

Happy Friendship Day!

The only thing that they remember life long

Nobody will ever remember how you look, how you speak, what you did. But the only thing they remember life long is; how you have made them feel. That is the reality.

Happy Friendship Day!

Remember everyone when no-one is with them.

Hardcore Truth:

Everyone will forget everyone when they have someone with them.

And everyone will remember everyone when they have no one with them.

Happy Friendship Day!

Judge less and love more

No one in this world is pure and perfect.

If you avoid people for their mistakes,

you will always be alone in this world.

So judge less and love more.

Happy Friendship Day!

Care for the person who cares for you

Golden thought:

Do not care much for others and get disappointed!

But more importantly,

Do not disappoint those who care a little about you.

Happy Friendship Day!

Trust me

Money says, EARN ME!

The calendar says, TURN ME!

Time says, PLAN ME!

Future says, WIN ME!

Beauty says, LOVE ME!

But GOD simply says, TRUST ME.

Happy Friendship Day!

We like some people more than others.

We never know why we like some people more than others.

Why we love some people without reasons.

Why we feel happy after being with some people.

Because some relations have no explanations.

Happy Friendship Day!

Lovely people would be remembered forever.

Lovely people are most precious,

So no matter how rarely I message you,

You would always be remembered,

Not only for today,

But throughout my life.

Happy Friendship Day!

When we MISS someone

When we MISS someone,

We feel like sharing a lot.

But when we see them after many days,

We can only smile at them.

That smile includes all the feelings!

Happy Friendship Day!


Sometimes missing gives sweet feelings than remembering.

Because we can remember many,

But miss only one who we never want to miss.

Happy Friendship Day!

Miss somebody

You never know how much you will miss somebody when they are around you until they are gone far away. Happy Friendship Day!

Trust in God

Trust in God and believe that everything will be alright. Happy Friendship Day!


Problems do not get solved on their own. It requires effort from you.

Happy Friendship Day!

Solve a problem

If you cannot solve a problem,

At least you should try not to make it bigger.

Happy Friendship Day!

Smile always

Smile when you are happy to make others happy.

Smile when you are sad, so others are confused about you.

Smile always it never hurts anyone.

Happy Friendship Day!


Miracles do happen if you believe in them. Wish you Happy Friendship Day!

What we wish for

We do not always get what we wish for.

But we get what we deserve to get if only we can wait for the best.

Happy Friendship Day!

Do not be disappointed.

Do not be disappointed if you dint get what you wished for.

You may get something even better; you never know.

Happy Friendship Day!

Wish that Faith Hope and Smile never leave you

Faith makes all things possible.

Hope makes all things heaven.

A smile makes all things beautiful.

I wish you get all three in every second of your life.

Happy Friendship Day!

Only a few ones know the real you

Everyone sees you as who you appear to be. But only a few know the real you. There is so much behind this smile. You Just Do Not Know.

Happy Friendship Day!

Journey of life

Enjoy the JOURNEY OF LIFE rather than thinking that you will enjoy it only when you reach the destination. Happy Friendship Day!

The road leading to your goal

Keep going on the road leading to your goal without worrying about the obstacles that come your way. Obstacles; are what make your journey Interesting.

Happy Friendship Day!

Let your Sweet FRIEND know how special they are

So many times, I lose my best ones.

Because I am unable to express how special they are to me.

So this message is for my sweet ONE, whom I do not want to lose.

Happy Friendship Day!

Best Friend Quotes

Trusting you

Once a Friend asked his BEST FRIEND: What would you do if I cheat on You?

Then the other FRIEND replied: Trusting you is my decision and proving me right is your choice.

Two people; you need in your life

Two people; you need in your life.


And A BEST FRIEND to kick that person if they break your heart.

Your best FRIEND.

Never utter the truth if it is going to hurt the person. Even if she is your Best Friend.

Best friends insult each other Constantly.

You cannot be best friends without insulting each other constantly.

Are friends different from Best Friends?

I adjust with many, so they are my friends. I do not adjust with a few, but they are my best friends.

A colorful bridge between two hearts

A best friend is like a rainbow. When the perfect amount of happiness and tears are mixed,

the result is a colorful bridge between two HEARTS.

Everyone has a best friend during each stage of LIFE.

Everyone has a BEST FRIEND during each stage of LIFE.

But Only lucky ones have the same FRIEND in all stages of LIFE.

Friendship Quotes

Promise renewed

Friendship is a language spoken by heart. Neither written on paper nor given by pledge. It is a promise renewed every time we keep in touch.

Nothing is Greater than FRIENDSHIP.

Sacrifice is Greater; than Love.

Character is Greater; than Beauty.

Humanity is Greater; than Wealth.

But nothing is Greater; than FRIENDSHIP.

Friendship is

Friendship is like two needles in a clock.

Even if we are on the same clock, we meet rarely.

Even if we meet, it is a few seconds.

But we always stay connected.


The privilege of friendship is that we can talk trash all the time.

And the funny thing is that trash is understood, discussed, valued, liked, and respected.


Friendship does not happen at first Sight.

Friendship is not something that happens at first sight. It happens when you start knowing each other. And in turn, end up needing each other for every feeling, for every thought, and every moment.

The glory of FRIENDSHIP.

The glory of FRIENDSHIP is not the joy of companionship. It is the inspiration that comes with the deep feeling that someone else believes in YOU.


Takes a BIG heart to Forgive

You can remain silent to show that somebody did something wrong.

But it takes a BIG heart to forgive and accept them.

That is what true FRIENDSHIP is.

Love and Friendship

Love is a good feeling that even crushes the iron heart.

But FRIENDSHIP is a fact that shapes the crushed heart.

So do not miss any one of your friends.

Beauty, Love, Message, FRIENDSHIP

Beauty is to see, not to touch.

Love is to share, not to tear.

The message is to send, not to store.

Friendship is to make, not to break.

Just like water in life

Friendship is like water.

Because it does not have color.

It does not have a shape.

It does not have a taste.

But it is more essential to life.


Friendship is the Main

Life is Train.

Love is Wine.

Family is Chain.

Experience is Gain.

Knowledge is Brain.

But Friendship is Main.

Friendship will never End.

Day by day, the week concludes.

Week by week, the month ends.

Month by month, the year ends.

Year by year, life ends.

But FRIENDSHIP never ends!

How candle shed tears?

The thread asked the candle: Why you dissolve yourself when I burn?

The candle said: When those in my heart suffer, I am bound to shed tears. That is Friendship.

Friends are roses in the garden of the HEART.

Friendship is the garden of roses.

And you are one of the most beautiful roses in my garden whose fragrance trail in my HEART forever.

Friendship is a commitment to understanding each Other.

Friendship is an association of persons who may not be equal in qualification, Experience & talent. But EQUAL in their commitment to understanding each other.

Friendship is a complete Circle.

Birth is like a dot.

Life is like a line.

Love is like a triangle.

But FRIENDSHIP is like a circle.

Because circles do not have an end.

Friendship is more beautiful than Love.

Love is beautiful because it is a feeling controlled by the heart.

But friendship is magnificent because it is a feeling that takes care of another heart.

Friendship opens doors with a different view

Friendship opens many doors, each with a different view.

But none could be more beautiful than the ones that lead to you!

Friendship grows stronger

We met as strangers.

Became friends by chance.

Destiny chose to keep us close to each other.

And our understanding grows stronger with each year.

Years of satisfaction makes bonding a solid construction

Seconds of introduction,

Minutes of discussion,

Hours of attraction,

Days of interaction,

Years of satisfaction,

Makes bonding a solid construction.

Friend Quotes

Is Friend a necessity in life

Is Friend a necessity in life?

Imagine yourself without a friend.

How do you feel at college?

What will you do with your cell?

What about functions?

Think about events like your Birthday.

Who will ask about your worries?

Who will care, miss & irritate you?

Forward to all those idiot loving friends without whom you cannot live.

A friend is a stapler pin.

A Friend is like a stapler pin.

It is easy to attach,

But challenging to remove.

And the worst is when you remove it,

It leaves the paper damaged.

Truth about yourself

There are only two people who can tell you the truth about yourself.

An Angry Friend.

And an Enemy who has just started loving you.

The only way to have a friend

The only way to have a friend is to be one.

You are always my Friend.

Far or near, you are my dear.

Young or old, you are my gold.

East or west, you are my best.

Ugly or cute, you are my sweet.

End / Trend, you are my FRIEND.

Meaning of the word friend

Friend means in my style

Free from all formalities, right to say anything, either good or bad, no sorry, no thanks, an ear to the dearest one.

A friend is one who never left you alone.

Friendship is not about whom you have known the longest,

who came first or who cares the best.

It is about who came & never left.

A true friend is rare and gifted by God.

God picked up a FLOWER & dipped it in DEW.

He lovingly touched it & it turned into YOU.

He then gifted to me and said

This FRIEND is rare & is for You!

I am the friend who wants to see you happy always.

I may not be that PERFECT FRIEND that you are looking for.

Not even the BEST among others,

But; I am a friend who wants to see you happy forever and ever.

Oh dear, Be my Friend forever.

Dear Oh dear,

You are not so near.

But I can hear,

Do not get fear.

Your memories are here.

Live with cheer!

No more tears.

Be my FRIEND forever!

Do not ever let your friends slip out of your life.

A Friend is like a ring always holding your finger, but as you get careless, it slips out of your hand.

So do not ever let your friends go south.

What about a friend?

4 Chambers in heart,

1 for daddy, 1 for mummy, 1 for God, 1 for lover.

What about a friend?

Sorry, no place for a friend in my heart.

Because FRIEND is the heartbeat.

My Friend.

SMILE-It increases face value.

LOVE-It increases heart value.

PLEASURE-It increases mind value.

FRIENDS-It increases lifetime value.

Keep smiling, my FRIEND.

Quotes About Friends

Show them you are alive.

Never make your friends feel alone while you are on Earth.

Disturb them as much as you can.

Let them feel your presence!

Show them, You are ALIVE.

Best and last sentence

The best and last sentence ever said by a great person: Friends are not made by time. It is made with a person with whom the time is spent.

Life between EGO and LOVE

Life always lies between Ego & Love.

Love says: Let me message them.

But Ego says: Let them message me.

Feel the difference.

Love your Friends & not your Ego.

Problems are solved by my Friends.

99% of problems are solved by my friends.

Undoubtedly 100% of those problems are created by the same IDIOTS.

Friends are a blessing in our LIFE.

Friends are AMAZING when they are in touch and wonderful when they are TRUE.

But you know what, they are a blessing when they are sweet and dear like you.

Celebrate world hug day

Happy World hug Day!

Send a tight hug to all your friends, even me,

if you think I deserve it.

See how many you get back.

You are lovable if you get 7!

Here is a hug for you.

love your friends from the heart.

Always love your friends from your heart, not from your mood or need.

Friends are a promise made in the HEART.

Friends are a promise made in the heart.

Silently, Unwritten, Unbreakable by distance,

Unchangeable by time,

It is lovely to have you as one!

The True heart of two friends is like a railway track.

The True heart of two friends is like a railway track.

They never meet each other,

never cross each other,

but always travel together.

Friends partying

You realize how much you miss your FRIEND only when you see a group of friends partying.

The pain of missing friends

The pain of missing friends is realized,

When you are alone watching a gang of friends enjoying themselves in front of you.

And you, remembering the past which you spent.

Memories of friends

Sweet times of life will not return forever.

But the sweetest relation,

And the memories of friends will stay in the heart forever.

No end to our happiness

As long as we have memories, yesterday remains.

As long as we have hope, tomorrow awaits.

As long as we are friends, there is no end to our happiness.

When I was walking alone, I wished.

When I was walking alone, I wished I could reach the End of the Road.

But when Friends joined me, I wished that the Road Never Ends.

Feel the Rain

Super quote:

Only a few people can feel the RAIN,

Others just get wet,

Only a few friends can feel the pain of Depart,

Others just Find another!

Ups and Downs

Life without ups and downs makes life boring. So does life without friends.

Without Friends

A life lived without friends is a life half lived.

Friends and Life

Friends make life Fascinating.

Friends are street lights.

Friends are like Street Lights along the road.

They do not make the distance any shorter,

But they light up the path and make the walk worthy.

Old Friends

Someone is sweet to you.

When someone is sweet to you,

Do not think they will be the same for a lifetime,

Because even the most delicious chocolate has an expiry date.

And me?


No expiry date.

The older, the better.