75 Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes & Messages

A birthday is a special occasion to celebrate and have fun. It is also an opportunity for you to make your loved ones’ day special. Maybe it is your Colleague’s or girlfriend’s or Boyfriend’s Birthday. However, you are at a loss of words to express your heartiest wishes. Don’t worry; we have put together a few Happy birthday wishes and quotes for you. Read along and get inspired to send your birthday wishes that conveys your feelings. You can even use these messages to write a personalized message on birthday greetings.


Happy Birthday Wishes for All

Wish dreams come true

I wish all your dreams come true and fill your day full of surprises. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Day of fun and surprises

May this day be full of funfilled surprises and enjoy every moment today and every day. Happy Birthday!

Birthday is a million moments.

A Birthday is A Million Moments,

Each, holding A Promise Of Fulfillment,


Of Some Special Plans Happy Birthday!

Your BIRTHDAY lingers on forever.

Happy BIRTHDAY to you.

Days roll, months roll, years roll, but the BIRTHDAY lingers on forever.

Always be young at heart.

Every BIRTHDAY tells you that you are older by one year.

I wish you that you always be young at heart.

Happy Birthday!

Birthday cuts the happiness cake and spreads happiness.

Days are like a sword that cuts off our lifetime,

But a birthday is an exception,

which cuts only the happiness cake.

Happy Birthday!

Each BIRTHDAY brings immense joy.

When a new baby is born, it does not know to celebrate that day.

But when grown-up, each BIRTHDAY brings immense joy to all.

Happy Birthday!

Become wiser by now

Days run; Weeks follow; Months roll by,

Now you have become one year older.

You must have become wiser also by now.

Happy Birthday!

You have crossed one more year.

You have crossed one more year. Just think for a while what is the good things that you have done. Continue these good things in the coming years also. Happy Birthday!


Joy and Laughter

May your BIRTHDAY be filled with joy and laughter.

Eat, Drink, and Have Fun.

I wish you the happiest of birthdays.

Birthday comes and goes every year. You are indeed becoming older by a year. But, it’s also a fact that you are more knowledgeable than yesterday. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend

Quote by Oprah Winfrey

The more you praise and celebrate your life, The more there is in life to celebrate.

Let’s start celebrating as it is your BIRTHDAY today.

We love to have fun with family and friends.

And any celebration is an excuse.

Now that it is your BIRTHDAY;

Throw us a party as we think fun is overdue.

Do not even think that Quarantine is a reason to escape.

You are treating us and, we are celebrating.

Come on; it is your BIRTHDAY. Be a sport.

Every BIRTHDAY is special to me if it is your BIRTHDAY!

May this BIRTHDAY bring you lots of joy and success in life.

Live every day of your life like it is your BIRTHDAY. You will never have a bad day because Celebration and a bad day don’t go together. Happy BIRTHDAY, dear friend.

Here is my birthday wish for you.

Love Life in all its colors,

Live your dreams,

Laugh a lot,

Surround yourself with good vibes.

And today and every day will be SPECIAL a day.

Happy BIRTHDAY, dear friend!

Love Birthday Message

Today is a special day for you. You are one of the greatest blessings of my life. Happy birthday, My Love.

Your smile brightens my day. You make every moment that I spend with you is so adorable. I wish you a Happy Birthday, My love, on this special day.

I must have been a lucky guy to find you. You understand me even before I utter the words. And always stand STRONG beside me and give me the confidence to achieve anything in life.

Girl, I adore you. Happy birthday, My Love.

May you get all that your heart desires. Happy Birthday, My Love.

You stood by me when the whole world thought that I was going nowhere. You are very special to me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, My love, on this special day.

Happy birthday Wishes for Her

Happy Birthday Messages for Her

You stole my heart and continue to take my breath away. Happy BIRTHDAY, Beautiful!

May your BIRTHDAY be as beautiful as you are. I wish you a Happy Birthday, Beautiful.

Today you have added another candle of wisdom to your life. Happy BIRTHDAY, Beautiful!

You are an amazing and loving woman I have ever met.

You shower your kindness on people you care; about.

And face the world fearlessly against odds, With a smile.

Happy BIRTHDAY, Beautiful!

You deserve the best that life can offer. May this BIRTHDAY bring joy and success in all endeavors. Happy BIRTHDAY, Beautiful!

Sending you hugs, kisses, laughter, and blessings on your special day. Wishing you a happy birthday, Sweet lady.

Here is your birthday cake with lots of candles. I know more candles mean you are growing older.

Count your blessings and not your years.

And celebrate today and every day.

Happy Birthday!

You touch the lives of people with your kindness,

You spread joy wherever you go.

HAPPY happy birthday from all of us to you.

A woman can be charming or witty or funny.

But you have it all.

I wish you a fabulous birthday!

I feel joy in me to wish you a happy birthday today as you are the one holding a SPECIAL space in my heart. Happy BIRTHDAY, dear.

Let the blessings of the Almighty be on you on your birthday. I WISH you get anything that you aspire. Happy birthday!

I am smitten with your smile; Girl. You make even an ordinary day special. So, let’s uniquely celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday!