55+ Good Night Messages, Quotes & Wishes

Wish all your dear ones GOOD NIGHT who was there for you when you needed them.


Good Night Messages for Friend

I wish the moon always be full and bright.

And you always COOL and right.

Whenever you go to switch off the light.

Remember that I am wishing you GOOD NIGHT.

Mosquito, go and bite my friend.

Go mosquito, go

Go and bite my friend,

who is sleeping without wishing me; Good night.

My wish for you

A night of peace,

A dream of love,

A moment of rest,

A feeling of satisfaction,

A sound sleep with a joyful heart,

Is my WISH,

for YOU tonight.


Night time is GOD’s gift

Nighttime is GOD’s gift.

It is the most favorable part of our life.

So forget all your feelings,

Just close your eyes and have a sweet dream.

GOOD NIGHT, Sleep well.

People are like Bluetooth

People nowadays are like Bluetooth.

If you stay close they stay connected.

And if you go away they find new devices.

Good night.

DREAM comes true.

Wish you get a very sweet dream tonite.

And let that dream come true.

And you be the happiest person on the earth.

Man who stops learning

Prominent statement: “An educated man of yesterday who stops learning today becomes uneducated tomorrow!”

Good night. sweet dreams. Take care.

Blind to his own faults

Small Sentence with a lot of meaning

“Every human in this world is blind to his own faults.”

Good night sweet dreams. Take care.

Forgive but don’t be Stupid

Very Nice lines:

Be a good enough person to forgive

But not stupid enough to trust them again.

Good night.

Your Parents love you

“Your Parents LOVE You.

This is the only fact with no strings attached.”

Good night. Take care!

When do you realize

A famous poet said:

“When you Get little,

You want More.

When you Get More,

You desire even more.

But when you lose it,

You realize LITTLE was enough”

Good night.

Three special people in our life

There are 3 special people in our life:

“Someone we love but have to hate.

Someone we hate but can’t live without.

And Someone we can’t live without but have to let go.

Good Night”

One who surrenders may not be wrong always

“One who surrenders when he is wrong – is honest.

One who surrenders when he is not sure – is wise.

One who surrenders even if he is right – is a FRIEND!

Good Night”

Be silent in two situations

“Be silent in two situations:

When you feel one can’t understand your feelings from your words

And when one can understand you without any words.

Good Night.”

God never forgets your needs

“God always likes to know again & again what you want.

It’s not that He forgets your needs.


He loves to feel the sweetness of your prayer.

Good Night “

To impress your beloved one

Real Fact:

“A Big Thing Done for A Beloved one May Or May Not Impress Them.

But A Small Refuse will be A Big Pain for Them forever.

Good Night.”

Thank god after every smile

True and Nice saying:

“If you never thank god after every smile,


You have no rights to blame him for every tear.

Good night!

Just Sleep well

A Rabbit runs, jumps, and lives only for 15 years.

A turtle does not run and jump but lives for 300 years.


Exercise is HELL, just sleep WELL.

Good Night.

Beware of duplicate good night wishes

Beware of other duplicate night Wishers.

I am the only authorized, ISO 9001-2007 certified Dealer in good night wishes.


G0ooo00oooo0o00oo00o00oooo00d night.

Have the sweetest dream

,!’. / l’..

A boat



for you!




into a


Have a



Sweetest dream.

The dream shows the new collection during sleep

Hi, My Name is Dream.

Now I want to show you All the New Collections.

So, Close your Eyes & go to a Deep Sleep.

Don’t miss me.

See you in Dream.

The only star that is not blinking

Just see the sky all the stars are blinking except one cute star.

Because that cute star is busy reading my message.

Good night.

Dreams give us the motivation

Dreams give us the motivation to succeed.

Close your eyes

And start dreaming.

Sweet dreams!

Good night

Sometimes we miss someone so much

Sometimes we don’t know why we miss someone so much

But we don’t want them to know that we miss them

This is the result of the overuse of one’s brain.

Stop thinking and go to sleep

Good night!

Simpler when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits

Great words:

Life was much simpler

When Apple and Blackberry

Were just fruits!

Good night.

Who is the laziest person in the world

Who is the laziest person in the world?
Ans: The person who invented the snooze option in alarm!

Good night.

Keep correcting your little mistakes

Keep correcting your little mistakes.

Because nobody slips down by the hills.

But all can slip by just little stones.

Good night!

The moon too has covered its face

The moon too has covered its face with

the soft and silky blanket of clouds

The stars are glittering magically

Wishing you a very beautiful night

Good night!

Affection shows the human mentality

Simple but very true

Affection shows the human mentality

But the situation shows the human reality

Good night.

When we try being close to people

When we try being close to people they intentionally neglect our care.

When we understand that and stay a little away from them,

They’ll start blaming us for not being with them.

Good Night.

Hitler s law of solving a problem

Hitler’s Law: If you can solve your problem

then what is the need of worrying?

If you cannot solve it

then what is the use of worrying?

Think again.

Good night

The heart is not a basket for keeping tension and sad

The heart is not a basket for keeping tension and sadness,

The heart is a bouquet for keeping smile and joy,

Let the heart always be happy.

Good Night.

The night is shorter than a day for those who dream

Best message of the Night :

The night is shorter than a day for those who Dream.

But, The day is shorter than night for those

who make their Dreams come True.

Good Night.

Two great days in a human s life

There are two great days in a Human’s life

The day we are born

And the day we prove why we are born.

Good night.

A thing lost is always valued the most in life

A Thing Lost Is Always

Valued the most in life

But tough to get it back

Good night

Prayer is an attempt to change

Beautiful words:

Prayer is not an attempt

To change the god’s mind,

But its an attempt

To let God Change our mind.

Good night

A dream does not allow you to sleep

Excellent Words by Dr.Abdul Kalam

A dream is Not that

What you See in Sleep.

A dream is A Thing Which

Does Not allow you to sleep

Good Night

Sweet dreams!

Someone who will understand

Sometimes the only thing that you want is.

To have someone who will understand you

When you are tired of understanding this world.

Good Night.

You never realize how much you like someone

World’s Best Truth.

You never Realise how much you like someone until you watch them with Someone else.

Good night.

Give the best response to the person who

The response is One of The Powerful Tool To Occupy A Place In Someones “HEART”

Always Give The Best Response To The Person Who Cares For you.

Good Night.

Mistakes whether good or bad express it

Mistakes can be corrected when our close ones express them.

But, silence by our close ones increases our mistakes unknowingly.

So, good or bad, express it.

Good Night.

Everything we hear and see

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact.

Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.

Good night.

When you truly believe

When you truly believe in something,

It will definitely come true

You should have the patience to see it happen.

Good night and Sweet dreams.

A Strong person doesn’t lose heart when adversity strikes

A strong person doesn’t lose heart when adversity strikes Instead they become stronger. Good night.

When you alienate people from your life

When you alienate people,

You give out the message LOUD and CLEAR

To stay away from your life

And to stop loving you or caring about you

Good night!

When we go to bed tonight

When we go to bed tonight,

What is in store for us tomorrow is not known.

Let it be a pleasant and cheerful morning tomorrow.

Good night!

You deserve a goodnight’s sleep to invigorate

So you have successfully passed the day in peace.

You deserve a goodnight’s sleep

To invigorate you for tomorrow.

Here is my Good night wish to you.

Good night!

Wish you a sound sleep tonight

The night is meant for sleep

Wish you a sound sleep tonight


Twinkle twinkle little stars

Twinkle Twinkle little stars

are plenty in the sky on a clear night

Viewing them for a while

soothes the nerves.

View them tonight if possible.

Good night!

Visiting the temple and praying to God

Visiting the temple and praying to God

gives immense peace of mind.

With this peaceful mind have a

good night’s sleep.

Good night!

Those who are blessed with good sound sleep

Sleep cannot be commanded

It will have its own style of blessing

Those who are blessed with

good sound sleep is the

really lucky fellow.

Good night!

Never take small joys in life for granted

Never take small joys in life for granted

Dreaming of the bigger joys

Because you deserve to be happy every day.

And bigger joys knock on your door

only once in a blue moon.

Good night!