75 Romantic Love Messages, Quotes for Her and Him

Song of your HEART.

Every HEART has a song to sing so sing the SONG of your HEART that your beloved will definitely hear. Have a lovely day.

Loving somebody so much.

Sometimes you love somebody so much that you feel it is better to let go of them even though your HEART wants them forever.

When you are in LOVE.

When you fight with her, you stop speaking to her

But your HEART still cares for her.

The HEART is never in sync with the mind when you are in LOVE.

You like me or my MESSAGE.

My MESSAGE is enough to show how much I love you.

Now, if you are reading and smiling,

You like me or my MESSAGE.

Hard to give up which you wanted the most

It is hard to wait for something.

When you know, it might never be yours.

But It is even harder to give it up,

When you know, it is everything you wanted.

One who changes you is the one who loves you the most.

Indeed, you change only for the one whom you care for the most.

But, the one who changes YOU; is the one who loves you the most.

Give you my heart for you to break.

If you break my HEART into pieces;

I will give you my HEART for you to BREAK again.

I cannot believe that I am saying this to you

But dear, I just cannot live without you.

Please do not leave me.

Create a Heaven for her

If a man expects an angel in his life,

Then he must first create a heaven for her.

Approval from Almighty

Be careful who you fall in LOVE with.


Kiss is my Drug

Your kiss is my drug.

True LOVE Never fades.

Do not die for the one,

To show how much you love.

Just live for the one,

To show how long and vast you Love!

I just have one HEART.

I have a heart and, that is true.

But now it has gone from me to you.

So care for it as I do

Because I have no heart

And you have TWO!

Spell She

You cannot Spell the word SHE without H and E.

You are mine

In my dreams, you are mine.

In my life, you are a dream.


We Fight & scold the one whom we love the most.

But interestingly, we don’t like others doing the same to that person.

A person who loves you

The person who loves you more will fight with you daily without any reason.

But whenever you are sad, that person will fight with the word to end your sadness.

Depth of LOVE.

We Should Never love a person more than our life.

It will be equal to our death when we miss them.

Pain can only come

Pain can only come from pure LOVE.

You feel it only for d person whom you love.

And you will give it only to the person who loves you.

Feelings will never die

Feelings never die.

Because we keep feeding them with memories

That is the reason why it is so hard to move on.

Loved once and lost

Very true:

Once you love SOMEONE & its lost;

Whether it is the right choice or the wrong choice,

Nobody can fill their space.

Mistakes are natural

Mistakes in life are natural.

But see that Your mistakes do not take You far away.

From the people who like, Love & Care for You.

Reach the person u love most

Cute fact:

When you are happy,

You want to reach the person you love the most.

But when you are sad,

You want to reach the person who loves you the most.

And what luck if both the persons are the same.

Strength of relationship

Quote that impresses a lot

The closest relationships in the WORLD have fought more battles than enemies.

People you love hurt the most

Sometimes when the people you love,

Hurts you the Most.

It is better to stay Quiet.


If your LOVE was not enough,

Do you think your words will matter?

Judge less LOVE more.

No one in this WORLD is pure and perfect.

If you avoid the people for their mistakes,

You will always be alone in this WORLD.

So judge less and Love more.

Best DAY of my life.

The most beautiful wish that can ever be made by me

For a special one like you:

May the worst DAY of your future,

Be better than the best DAY of my life.

Relations require to be maintained.

How True!

The relations which require effort to be maintained are never TRUE.

And if relations are TRUE, they never require any effort to be maintained.

The purpose of relation

The purpose of the relation is:

Not to have SOMEONE who may be with you Completely

But to have SOMEONE with whom you can share your Incompleteness completely

Walking alone is not difficult.

Walking alone is not difficult

But when we have walked a mile with SOMEONE,

Then coming back alone,

that is more DIFFICULT.

Two things for a good relationship

A good relationship needs just two things,

a LITTLE TIME to be spent with them


A simple test for love

Simple Test for Love & Affection:

Put your Lover in a room & lock it.

Put your dog in another room & lock it.

Open both of them after 1 hour.

And See who is happy to see you.

Best lines for a relation

Best lines for relation-

When you are hurt by the person whom you love.

Do fight with them.

Because sometimes fight saves a relation,

But being quiet leaves nothing in relation.

Google-style proposal

Best technical proposal line ever:

Boy: Hey, Is your name Google?

Girl: No.

Boy: But you have all the things I am searching for.

Describe me

Lines which describe Me:

I’m Not special.

But I’m just the LIMITED EDITION created by GOD.

Words are sharper

Words are sharper than a sword:

Use words to kill the people who love you.

And use the sword to kill people who hate you.

Sweetest expression of LOVE.

Sweetest expression of Love:

A girl asked a boy: Is there any festival which can be celebrated every day?

The boy replied: Wait until you fall in LOVE with Me.

The perfect definition of love

Perfect Definition of Love:

It is Not About Treating a Beautiful Person Affectionately.

But, Treating an Affectionate Person Very Beautifully.

Respect the heart which CARES for you

Keeping SOMEONE in our heart is very easy.

But, to be in someone’s heart is very difficult.

So RESPECT the heart which CARES for you.

First and the last eclipse in this Millenium

Day after tomorrow is 1st and last love eclipse in this millennium.

If you Truly love SOMEONE, you have 24 hrs time,

Send this MESSAGE to 10 people.

You will be Happy Forever, do not Neglect

Tonight your love will call or ask you something special.

Money cannot buy LOVE.

Nice thought if you understand:

Money can buy the most expensive dog in the world.

BUT Only LOVE can make the dog shake its tail.

Real Love and Reel Love

Real LOVE is not based on romance, candlelight dinner, and Walks along the beach.

In fact, it is based on Respect, Silence, Compromise, Care, and Trust.

My life should not end without you.

My life did not begin with you :

But I wish my life should not end without you.

Love will also become an enemy.

Even love will become an enemy,

When Our beloved one is affectionate towards others.

The doctor has given me only two options for my heart problem.

My heart problem has reached such a critical stage that the doctor says there are only two options left:

Either I See You or You see Me!

Love the one who makes your life beautiful

Everybody loves a rose. But nobody loves a leaf that adds beauty to a rose. Love the one who makes your life beautiful, not who is Beautiful.

Easy to like Someone.

Easy to like Someone. But it is difficult to hide it every day.

Sometimes I forget because I am lazy.

Sometimes I forget to ask Are you okay?

Sometimes I even miss saying Hi.

But it does not mean that I forgot you.

I am just lazy like you.

Crying is the best love detector.

A cry is a love detector. When SOMEONE makes you CRY, it shows how much you love them.

And if SOMEONE cries for YOU, it shows how much they love you.

Love is the most difficult to satisfy

Love is the HARDEST habit to break and the most difficult to satisfy.

A person who fights with you more loves you more.

The person who loves you more will fight daily without any reason.

But whenever you are sad, that person will fight with the world to end your sadness.

Love a bit and do not hurt

Few nice Words :

It is always better to understand a little than to misunderstand a lot.

And It is always better to love a bit than to hurt a lot!

Love the heart which will not cheat

Do not love cheatable HEART. Do not cheat the lovable HEART.

Silent smile when we think of our loved ones

A perfect relationship is not in phone calls or messages.

It is the silent smile in your heart when you think of your lovable one.

Love Logic.

Do not apply logic in LOVE and comedy.

You will miss the charm.

Realize LOVE before it is too late

When someone loves us, we do not realize it.

When we realize it, it is too late.

we always love the one who leaves us & Neglect the one who loves us.

Smitten with arrows of LOVE.

Only the one who is smitten with the arrows of LOVE knows its power.

Fell in LOVE with you.

For many days I had been looking at you.

But that fine day you looked at me and smiled, you knocked me out, girl.

And before I knew what was happening, I fell in LOVE with you.

Cannot stop yourself from falling in LOVE?

Falling in LOVE is easy.

But to get out of it is a difficult task in life.

But still cannot stop yourself from falling in LOVE.

That is the mystery of LOVE.

I felt like I was on top of the world.

I felt like I was on top of the world,

the moment you said I LOVE YOU.

Because I love you a lot.

A person who loves you

Never cry for the person you love most.

Because the person who loves you will never let you cry.

You are in LOVE.

You can smell the fragrance of the flowers.

You can hear the birds chirping,

Everything around you looks beautiful.

Everybody around you seems to be kind.

You feel the whole world is

such a beautiful place to be in.

You are in LOVE, For sure.

Loving hundred people and hating one person

Loving Hundred Wrong Persons may Not Even Affect your Life.

But Hating One Right Person will Leave you a Broken Heart your entire life.

Love that comes your way

The LOVE which you go in search of may expect a lot of things from you.

But the LOVE that comes your way expects nothing more than you.

People get afraid when they are told that they are loved.

We say we love flowers, yet we pluck them.

We say we love trees, yet we cut them.

Maybe that is why people get afraid when they are told they are loved.

Realize why LOVE never worked with anyone else


Someday, SOMEONE will walk into your life & make you realize why LOVE never worked out with anyone else.

Lucky that they got so much LOVE even after hurting

Cute lines:

Many people are so lucky that even after hurting, they got so much LOVE.

And few are so unlucky that even after Loving so much, they get hurt.

Life is living for SOMEONE who lives because of you.

Life is not just waiting for SOMEONE who is Made for you.

But life is living for SOMEONE who lives because of you.

Time becomes beautiful when our beloved wipes our tears.

Time becomes beautiful when Our Beloved Ones Wipes Our Tears Saying: Hey Stupid! I’m here for You.

Even the Tears Turn To A Cute Smile.

Love starts when you do not need it.

A strange quote –

Love does not start in the morning

And does not end in the evening.

It starts when you do not need it,

And ends when you need it most.

To find if SOMEONE truly loves you.

True saying

There Is No True Love Without Jealousy.

Love of TRUE persons will be known; only when you are alone

Simple but true:

The taste of water can be enjoyed; only when we are thirsty.

The love of true persons will be known; only when you are alone.

Do not leave me; I NEED YOU.


No person in the world can stop their tears when their loved one says to them, Stupid, Do not leave me, I NEED YOU.

Candle said you are in my heart.

Thread asked candle: Why you melt yourself when I burn?

Candle said: You are in my heart. If you suffer, I am bound to share your tears.

That is a TRUE relation.

Whenever you find that SOMEONE who makes you feel special

Some nice feelings

When you get ready and, SOMEONE says that you are looking good.

When everyone got their icecream cups except you and SOMEONE gives you own cup.

When SOMEONE knows your favorite songs and play only those songs when you are around.

When SOMEONE calls you; or texts you for no reason.

When SOMEONE is excited to see you every time.

When SOMEONE finds a reason to talk to you.

So whenever you find that SOMEONE; Do value them because everybody does not get that SOMEONE.

When You truly love a person

When you TRULY  like a person, even the smallest wish of that person becomes your Biggest dream to fulfill.

Why you Fight more with the one you love the most

Have you ever wondered

Why you end up fighting more with the one you love the most?

Because that person is worth fighting for.

Love somebody deeply

Love somebody deeply,

Express it immediately.

And you will never regret it later for not expressing it earlier.

Good luck!

When SOMEONE loves you, value their love.

When SOMEONE cares for you, show them how you care.

When SOMEONE loves you, value their love.

Because it is not every day, you find these special people in your life.

My mind is filled only with thoughts about you.

When I start to do something, anything for that matter, you enter my mind.

And, before I know, my mind is filled only with thoughts about you because I love you so much.

When a GIRL cries over a GUY

When a GIRL cries over a GUY, it means that she misses him.

But when a guy cries over a girl, no one else could LOVE that GIRL more than HIM!

If I could give you one thing in life

If I could give you one thing in life,

I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes,

only then would you realize how special you are to me.

All I want for love is you.

I just want you. That is it.

All your flaws,






Everything, I just want you.

Empty MESSAGE is beautiful.

Cute thought:

An empty message also looks BEAUTIFUL; if you like the sender.

Misunderstanding is Very Poisonous

A single moment of misunderstanding is very poisonous.

Because within minutes, it makes us forget the hundreds of lovable moments spent together.

I think & you think of me

Best message ever to a busy friend:

I think of you; you think of me.

But the difference is,

When I think of YOU, I send a message.

But you think of me after receiving my message.


It is hard to forget.

Remembering is easy for those who have brains.

But, forgetting is hard for those who have a heart.

An invisible link between hearts

Staying far never breaks a relation.

Staying near never builds a relation.

It is an invisible link between hearts; that keeps relation special.

The door might never open unless you ring the bell

Words can hurt your feelings, but silence breaks your heart.
So always speak what you want to say because the door might never open unless you ring the bell.

Keep in touch near or far apart.

It is hard at times to keep in touch with those who really mean so much.

But side by side or far apart; people like you reside inside our hearts

The entry of new persons cannot replace the missed ones.

The entry of new persons can make your life more beautiful.

But that will not fill the place of missed ones.

I know you love her, But it is over Messages.

The heart keeps thinking about you.

Mind says to forget you because you can never be mine.

The heart just does not listen; it keeps thinking about you.

Wishing and hoping you would come back.

Cannot stop thinking about them

You do not want to think about them because you know they cannot be yours.

But the harder you try to forget, the harder it is to FORGET.

The message seems to be small but sending heart remembers you a lot

A raindrop may look too small, but somewhere a thirsty flower waits for its fall.

A message seems to be small, but a sending heart remembers you a lot.

Thinking of SOMEONE even when you are busy

Missing SOMEONE when you are alone is not affection.

But thinking of SOMEONE even when you are BUSY is called real affection.

Never ignore a person who likes you

Never ignore a person who likes you, cares for you, and misses you.

Because one day you may wake up from your sleep and realize that you have lost the moon while counting stars.

Moments spent with a SPECIAL person.

Moments spent with a SPECIAL person will always remain special.

It doesn’t matter whether we meet them or not.

And there is always a space reserved in our hearts.

Because we can never let go of such a person.

The happiest person in the world

Always hoping that we will meet someday.

But if that someday was today, I will be the happiest person in the world.

Not a minute goes by without thinking about you.

Days may go by without seeing you.

Hours may go by without speaking to you.

Not a minute goes by without thinking about you.


Just miss it

Excellent quote:

If you want to know the value of anything. JUST MISS IT.


Sometimes special people come into our life only to teach how to live without them. Sad but true.

The entire world is unpopulated.

The entire world looks unpopulated when you miss SOMEONE truly.

Losing SOMEONE for something

We can always lose something for SOMEONE.

But we should not lose SOMEONE for something.

Because life can return that something but not that someone.

Missing a good relation

Missing a good relation in life is equal to cheating life by ourselves.

So let us never miss anyone till the end of our life.

Love to miss the person whom you like the most

Memories are sweeter than meetings.

How far away the person is, their memories will be so close.

So love to miss the person whom you like the most.

Though you miss them, you never lose them

Some people in life are always a part of you.

Even though you miss them, you never lose them.

Because you find the memories of time spent together still living in You.

You will be in my heart.

No matter where life leads, you and me.

You will be in my heart in all I do.

I miss you a lot.